Tile for sports floors protection

The CONCORD carpet tile enables a perfect protection of the floors of your sports halls or gyms by protecting them against impacts, stains, chair legs … Thus protected, your sports hall can accommodate any type of event such as concerts, shows, forums …


Warranty 5 years*
Guaranteed Restocking


technical charactéristics

Surface : Needlepunched carpet tile, flat aspect
Backing : PLUS (polyolefin) white
Fireproof : Fire classification Bfl-s1
Dimensions : 1x2m


  • Effective protection of sports floors against damage (shocks, stains ...)
  • White backing, unique on the market leaving no "black" mark on the sports floor
  • Self laying tile: no need for adhesive, leaves no trace of glue on the sports floor
  • Simple and easy installation: no need for experienced technicians
  • Quick installation: 4 people lay 800 m² in less than one hour
  • Better acoustics: noise absorption
  • Thermal insulation
  • Easy maintenance (suction or water jet)
  • Aesthetics (possibility to define color zones, corridors, create patchwork effects ...)
  • Storage in a small space and easy transportation thanks to the specially designed trolley (300 m² per trolley or 150 tiles)